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Five Reasons Men Shouldn’t Skip Their Annual Physical

Village Health Partners | 06/17/2021

Regular visits to your primary care provider are necessary even when you feel healthy. Here's why men shouldn't delay their annual physical!



Get updates on the COVID-19 vaccine here.


Exciting news: Frisco Medical Village is moving to a new location

Village Health Partners | 06/11/2021

Your new location is opening soon! Learn everything you need to know about the move here.


Understanding Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Village Health Partners | 06/07/2021

Individuals suffering from PTSD don't always receive the help they need. Gain a deeper understanding of PTSD signs and when to seek out help.


What Women Can Do To Take Charge of Their Health

Village Health Partners | 05/20/2021

Have you wondered what the most important things are women can do to be healthier? Learn what actions you can take and the importance of each one!


COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Debunked

Village Health Partners | 05/14/2021

Make sure you're getting correct information about the COVID-19 vaccines here!


What does a counseling visit look like?

Village Health Partners | 05/06/2021

If you've never seen a counselor or therapist, you might not know what to expect. Find out what a counseling visit is like here.


Urgent Care When You Need It

Village Health Partners | 05/03/2021

Learn about how to get your urgent care needs met at Village Health Partners seven days a week.


What is the ImmTrac2 registry?

Village Health Partners | 04/30/2021

Have you enrolled in ImmTrac2? Or do you want to learn all about it? Find everything you need to know here.


What is primary care?

Village Health Partners | 04/22/2021

Primary care is a vital part of healthcare! Learn what your primary care physician does to help you achieve whole-person wellness.


What to expect for a dietitian visit

Village Health Partners | 03/23/2021

Are you wondering what a dietitian visit looks like or what a registered dietitian can help you with? Learn about these appointments here.


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQS


We've compiled your most frequently asked questions here!


What is a medical assistant?

Village Health Partners | 02/26/2021

Medical assistants are an important part of your care team. Learn more about what they do here.


Five things you can do to improve your heart health

Village Health Partners | 02/17/2021

February is Heart Health Month! Here are some easy things you can do to help your heart.


Mammogram Myths and FAQs

Village Health Partners | 01/01/2021

Mammogram Myths and FAQs


Moderation and Balance for a Smart Holiday Season

Melanie Wilder, RDN, CSOWM, LD | 12/17/2020

Dietitian Melanie Wilder shares her tips for a well-balanced holiday.


We’re only a text, click or call away!

Village Health Partners | 12/03/2020

Getting in touch is as quick and easy as sending a text. Find the phone number for your location here.


Urgent care… What is it?

Village Health Partners | 11/12/2020

Urgent care covers a lot of unexpected health concerns, especially during cold and flu season. Check out our guide to urgent care.


Your healthy Thanksgiving game plan

Amber Odom RDN, LD | 11/04/2020

Find out how to enjoy the foods you love and make new traditions without compromising your nutrition goals this Thanksgiving!


4 steps to help your family with Medicare

Village Health Partners | 11/04/2020

Do you know how to help your family members make decisions on their Medicare options? Read our guide here.


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