What to expect for a dietitian visit

Village Health Partners | 03/23/2021

Are you wondering what a dietitian visit looks like or what a registered dietitian can help you with? Learn about these appointments here.


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQS


We've compiled your most frequently asked questions here!


What is a medical assistant?

Village Health Partners | 02/26/2021

Medical assistants are an important part of your care team. Learn more about what they do here.


Five things you can do to improve your heart health

Village Health Partners | 02/17/2021

February is Heart Health Month! Here are some easy things you can do to help your heart.


Moderation and Balance for a Smart Holiday Season

Melanie Wilder, RDN, CSOWM, LD | 12/17/2020

Dietitian Melanie Wilder shares her tips for a well-balanced holiday.



Get updates on the COVID-19 vaccine here.


We’re only a text, click or call away!

Village Health Partners | 12/03/2020

Getting in touch is as quick and easy as sending a text. Find the phone number for your location here.


Urgent care… What is it?

Village Health Partners | 11/12/2020

Urgent care covers a lot of unexpected health concerns, especially during cold and flu season. Check out our guide to urgent care.


Your healthy Thanksgiving game plan

Amber Odom RDN, LD | 11/04/2020

Find out how to enjoy the foods you love and make new traditions without compromising your nutrition goals this Thanksgiving!


4 steps to help your family with Medicare

Village Health Partners | 11/04/2020

Do you know how to help your family members make decisions on their Medicare options? Read our guide here.


How to protect yourself from the flu

Village Health Partners | 10/30/2020

We're already taking steps to protect ourselves from COVID-19, but what about the flu? Read what you should do here.


Get to know Catalyst Health Rx

Village Health Partners | 10/23/2020

Your physician partners with a pharmacist to help you on your whole-person wellness journey. Learn about the pharmacists at Catalyst Health Rx here.


What you need to know about Medicare

Village Health Partners | 10/16/2020

Here’s a short guide on what you need to know to understand your Medicare options.


Understanding your breast cancer risk factors

Village Health Partners | 10/15/2020

Around one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Read what breast cancer risk factors you can and can't control.


What you should know about advanced practitioners

Village Health Partners | 10/13/2020

You may know who your doctor is, but did you know they work hand-in-hand with a team of advanced practitioners, care coordinators and pharmacists?


Why your provider prefers a comprehensive Medicare plan

Village Health Partners | 10/13/2020

The Medicare plan you choose now determines your benefits for 2021. Read to learn about how your plan contributes to your whole-person wellness.


Back to the basics: The four parts of Medicare

Village Health Partners | 10/07/2020

Do you know the difference between the four parts of Medicare? Click here to learn about the benefits for each part.


What is a physical?

Dr. Samiksha Shah | 10/06/2020

Annual adult physicals are an essential part of establishing a trusting relationship with your primary care physician at Village Health Partners!


What you need to know about the flu shot

Village Health Partners | 09/15/2020

The start of fall also means the start of flu season. See what you need to know about getting the flu shot.


What is whole-person wellness

Village Health Partners | 08/24/2020

Whole-person wellness looks at all aspects of your health and lifestyle. See how your physician approaches this to keep you at your healthiest.


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