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About Dr. Sheffield

Heather Sheffield, DO is a Family Medicine Physician who graduated from Scott & White Family Medicine Residency at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas. Dr. Sheffield grew up in Plano, Texas, and graduated from Plano Senior High School. She continued her education at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, where she received her B.S. with a double major in Biology and Chemistry.

Dr. Sheffield attended medical school in Fort Worth at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Texas Medical Association.

Her services range from care of newborns to adult patients, including well-child and routine/annual adult care check-ups, preventative care, dermatological and minor surgical procedures, and joint and trigger point injections.

Dr. Sheffield and her husband have returned to the North Dallas area to raise their daughter near extended family. Sheffield resides in Frisco along with their dog Corbin.

Care team

Dr. Sheffield works hand in hand with Brett Driver, FNP-C. She also works closely with team members at her care station, including Dr. Noyes and Seethu Abraham, FNP-C.

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Dr. Sheffield sees patients at Frisco Medical Village. To schedule an appointment, please text (469) 382-3415 or click below.

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"We have been looking for a family doctor for a while. Dr. Sheffield fits the bill. Caring and informative. "


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"Just thankful for you all and your service. The drive through vaccination clinic was a great idea. On the ground staff were professional and friendly. No complaints at all. "


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"I saw my doctor take a definite and caring interest on what was going on with me. She also listened to my concerns and went out of her way to get me seen by a specialist quickly. Her concern was definitely appreciated."


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"I've been seeing Dr. Sheffield for several years and couldn't be happier. "


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"I've been a patient at VHP for well over 20 years now and I've always been satisfied with my physicians & office staff."


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