Dr. Columbine Che

About Dr. Che

Dr. Columbine Che is a board-certified family medicine physician seeing patients five years and older in McKinney, TX. She is passionate about preventive medicine and strives to promote the health and well-being of her patients.

Dr. Che tailors medical advice to patients’ individual lifestyles and empowers them to take control of their health by giving them all the tools necessary for success. She enjoys helping patients develop a plan to protect their health. She believes prevention is key in protecting, promoting and maintaining health and well-being.

Dr. Che creates a judgment-free space for open communication. She wants her patients to feel comfortable asking any questions they have and feel safe sharing their concerns. She encourages patients to have an easy and simple approach to their health by prioritizing moderation and their mental health.

How Dr. Che practices whole-person wellness

Dr. Che lives in North Texas with her husband, Thomas. As part of a healthy lifestyle, they enjoy cooking healthy meals together and staying active by taking their dogs Nala and Sadie out on walks around the neighborhood. They also enjoy exploring the Dallas area food scene.


Bachelor of Science, University of Notre Dame
Doctor of Medicine, University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine
Family Practice Residency, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program in San Antonio, TX

Care team

Dr. Che works closely with team members at her care station, including Dr. Wang, Dr. Yao and nurse practitioner Alexa Gross.

Learn more about how your care team works together here.


Dr. Che sees patients at McKinney Medical Village. To schedule an appointment, please text (469) 382-3717 or click below.

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"Courtesy, respect, friendlyness missing at the front desk."


Office Visit

"I was very pleased with my first visit with Dr. Che. "


Office Visit

"I just want to say that Dr. Che and her staff are awesome! I feel like they actually care about my health. I will definitely recommend her to friends and family. Thank you for your kindness and understanding. "


Office Visit

"We recently switched primary care Doctors and are glad we chose Dr. Ennis. He was very patient and listened to all of our needs. He is professional and thorough. Highly recommend!"



"Dr. Woolbert has been the primary care physician for my family and I for almost 3 years and we think she’s phenomenal. Day to day care: she has a bright mind and great humor for the small things like getting moles checked out or supporting traveler’s stomach bugs. Specialized care: she’s provided compassionate guidance through our relationships with specialized doctors for the harder things like whether organs need to get removed or identifying and resolving heart problems. We feel like we’re getting the “whole person” cared for with Dr. Woolbert, and we love her for it!"



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